Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Two minutes with… Northampton Town

Friday’s visitors to Underhill were Northampton, and in this instalment, Cobblers fan Damien gives his views.

Had you been to Underhill before?
No, I hadn't been before, but I'd heard some stories that I can certainly see now, such as the odd slope you have there.
How did you get to the game?
Got there by coach, which was a nightmare seeing as the traffic was diabolical and ended up missing 20 minutes of the first half. Who'd have thought that it would take three hours to get to somewhere that on a good day, takes an hour?

The match
Whereabouts in the ground did you sit/stand?
Stood in the away terrace, halfway between the corner flag and the halfway line. Let's just say the view wasn't superb seeing as we got there late.
What did you make of the game?
My honest truthful answer? The worst away game I've ever been to, from the Cobblers side of things. Everyone was a little surprised that Edgar Davids was starting, and we knew regarding his age, he'd still have something in him that shows the quality that he had/has. It wasn't the Davids show by a long shot, which everyone probably expects after the result. We were shocking in the first half, and made you guys look like a team at the top of the table, rather a team who hadn't won a game in 14 games. I wasn't happy on the way home.
Who (from either side) do you think deserved to be man of the match?
Well, I can only choose a Barnet player really because there was certainly no Man of the Match from our side. Probably John Oster - thought he did well and deserved his goal at the end.

Was the score line a fair reflection on the game?
At the end, I'd say so because we didn't play at all. In fact, I'm surprised it wasn't more.
Who do you play next, and how do you think you’ll get on?
Well, we played Bradford last night (23rd) and lost 1-0. We have Port Vale next at home. A game I'm worried about as it'll no doubt be three losses in a row. Having lost to you guys, Bradford and Port Vale are the teams we really didn't want to face next seeing as they are two of the in-form teams at the moment. We just need to start playing well and get our players back from injury.

Cost of match day ticket
£16 is about the average for a ticket these days. On that basis, it's just standard. Based on the game and we arrived late, it's the worst £16 I've ever spent, but had the game been decent, and got there on time, it'd been worth it ––– 7/10
Purchases made at ground
Bought a programme, as I always do for away games. Most of them are all £3 anyway, so that's normal ––– 9/10
The view was okay, but didn't get the best of views because we arrived late. Had it been normal, then I'd have picked a good spot, but the view would have been good. Not restricted (unless you have someone with a big head) ––– 8/10
Quality of football
As I said earlier, I thought it was one of the worst away games I've been to. We didn't play, and had we have done, the score line wouldn't have been as big – and Barnet would have been an average team ––– 4/10
Overall experience
Horrid, if I'm honest. Diabolical traffic which made us get there 20 minutes after the traffic. Horrid performance and a horrid result which I'm going to be honest and say that I expected to win, because if we're to challenge in the top half, like some of us predicted, we have to beat teams who are on a poor run of form. Having said that, we always seem to struggle against Barnet, so the result probably isn't too surprising, just maybe the score line ––– 5/10

Total ––– 33/50

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