Sunday, 18 September 2011

Two minutes with… Oxford United

The latest instalment of ‘Two minutes with…’ comes from the point of view of Oxford United – Saturday’s visitors to Underhill. One to forget for us, I think; although it was my first ever tweet-up! Thanks to Joe O’Callaghan (aka @oxbeav) for his input, and his general sarcasm throughout the day!

Barnet 0 – 2 Oxford United
(Heslop ’33, Davis ’38)
Attendance 2812 (away 1049)

How did you get to the game?
I travelled from Bicester to London travel card for the day thingy. £29.50 I believe it to be. The initial plan was to leave Bicester at 10.40 to make it to London for about 12.20 – but I woke up at 10.30 and ended up arriving later than planned.
What did you do pre-match?
At Euston, I met this Barnet lass [charming, Joe!] and her boyfriend at the Britannia pub and had a cheeky fosters and watched them devour some chips. We then went from Euston to High Barnet on the underground, making it just in time to miss kick off.
Where did you sit/stand in the ground?
I stood on the East Terrace - starting off by the mesh wire segregation. I could see no Barnet fans over 15 and the little shits were losing every argument/chant that was going. They severely embarrassed themselves. They were also quiet for about half of the second 45 before springing into life for about five minutes. So second half I saw a mate and relocated to where he was standing.
What did you make of the game?
The game was okay, not the best we've ever played and Barnet weren't the most special team I'll see all season. However I was happy with our goals and our second was class. Barnet’s tactics completely baffled me with such a high line and two slow centre backs – Potter was having a laugh beating them for pace every single time. We'll beat better teams than Barnet and lose to worse.
Was the scoreline a fair reflection?
I would say so. The referee was terrible and both teams feel this, as he was completely inconsistent in his decisions. But the scoreline, yes. Our defence wasn't going to open up and we can always count on Heslop or Davis to score.
Who, in your opinion was man of the match?
From Oxford I would say Michael Duberry. Izale McLeod, the best striker this division has (on current form), wasn't given an inch and the one he got, Clarke made a good save. Barnet's keeper (Brill) made a vital save against Beano and did the best he could in front of a leaky defence.
Who have you got next and how do you think you'll get on?
We play Accrington Stanley at the Kassam on the 24th. We've won two in a row and I've found that wearing my cardigan and replica 11/12 Oxford shirt is a winning formula and due to massive superstition-related stress it will be worn.

Thanks Joe

My final word:
Not a lot to say really. I didn’t think we played well against Plymouth last Tuesday – but managed to get a result. We played against a much better side in Oxford, but to that same standard, and it was only fair we were on the losing end. The referee didn’t help matters – Wright should have been sent off after pulling Izale’s shirt in the first half – sending him off on the 92nd minute was too little, too late! I can’t help but think Sanchez doesn’t rate Deering; why else would he only be on the bench again?! He needs (and deserves!) to be starting. Again, Marshall was largely ineffective, and not sure why or how Kabba (or Owusu) miss out on starting places to Taylor. We were bright for the first 20 minutes, but after that it was same old. Ah well, onwards and upwards!

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