Sunday, 4 September 2011

Two minutes with… not Accrington Stanley

A little bit different this time round as not only were there barely any Stanley fans at Underhill on Saturday afternoon (despite the number released officially by the club - pretty sure there were under 60!), but I was unable to find one of the few anywhere! With the international break over the weekend meaning the Premier League and Championship out of action, ‘two minutes with…’ this week comes from the neutral perspective of a Spurs fan who decided upon watching the Bees face Stanley – although after the game, he probably wishes he hadn’t! Follow Luke Stubbings on Twitter here.

Barnet 0 – 0 Accrington Stanley
Attendance 2380 (away 182)

How did you get to the game?
Drove up with my mate Nick which didn’t take too long.
What did you do pre-match?
Well considering we got to Barnet at 2pm we decided to go bookies and place a few bets and go grab a bite to eat in the Barnet grill kebab place.
Where did you sit/stand in the ground?
Managed to grab tickets in the south family stand and sat front row right behind the goal.
What did you make of the game?
Started off cagey with both teams obviously not wanting to go a goal down early. I thought the game would have opened up once Accrington Stanley went down to 10 men but fair play to them for managing to stay in the game. The game wasn’t one for the neutral as it carried on being scrappy and both teams kept hoofing the ball back and forth. There weren’t many clear-cut chances in the game but Accrington probably had the better chances when they hit the post and another close range effort which went over.
Was the scoreline a fair reflection?
All in all probably yes but Barnet should of made the early sending off count but they didn’t.
Who, in your opinion was man of the match?
Number 5 at the back (Darren Dennehy). My mate and I both said he was immense – he defended well. He has the potential to playing higher up the divisions but I’m sure that will come in time. Very well played.

Thanks Luke

My final word:
Disappointing would sum it up well – a definite case of two points dropped, particularly given the one man advantage for over half the game, which was doubled towards the end. We definitely missed the presence of Izale McLeod upfront, and despite his best efforts, Steve Kabba just didn’t receive the service he needed. Mark Marshall, the usual key player in the side looked uninterested following the rejection in the week to a potential big move! Sam Deering on the other wing, in my opinion was wrongfully substituted – possibly the best player on the pitch. On a positive, it was great to see Darren Dennehy back in action – look forward to seeing more of him – and at least we kept a clean sheet! Still our home form is disappointing with two points from a potential nine.

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