Monday, 3 October 2011

Two minutes with… Northampton Town

‘Two minutes with…’ this week comes from the point of view of Northampton fan, Daniel (aka @BSCobbler). Again, I find myself compiling this on the end of another defeat!

Barnet 1 – 2 Northampton Town
(Holmes ’17 – Davies ’51, Tozer ’89)
Attendance 2304 (away 631)

How did you get to the game?
I got to the game by car as I only live in Kettering which is around 80 miles away.
What did you do pre-match?
I walked through the nearby chat, before chatting to some Northampton fans at the turnstiles, prior to kick-off.
Where did you sit/stand in the ground?
I sat in the North Family stand - near the back.
What did you make of the game?
It was a tale of two halves really – both sides were quite poor on the day and a bit inconsistent. Northampton couldn't string any passes together in the first half which gave away the first goal really – it was a bad clearance from the Northampton defender. Barnet definitely had the first half. The only way that Northampton looked like scoring was through a set play or a goalkeeping error. Even Northampton's fans booed off the team at half time and this doesn't normally happen at an away game. In the second half, Northampton's midfield was getting into the game more and in turn was how both Northampton's goals came about. The ref did okay but blew up for some fouls which looked like dives.
Was the scoreline a fair reflection?
In the first half Barnet were way on top and Northampton were hardly in the game at all. I thought Barnet should have got a point from the game as they tore though Northampton's defence. Northampton had more chances in the second half but Barnet also had their fair share of chances as well with a few one on ones which weren’t put away. Although a draw would have been a fair result, obviously I’m very happy with all 3 points.
Who, in your opinion was man of the match?
In the first half Mark Marshall, Barnet's winger was undoubtedly causing problems for Northampton's defenders and they couldn't deal with him – in fact they let all the Barnet's players have too much space on the pitch. But man of the match I think goes to Northampton's Marlon Jackson who completely changed the game and playing two up front proved more effective than one.
Who have you got next and how do you think you'll get on?
We have Crawley at Sixfields, which is going to be televised on Sky Sports. I don’t think we’ll beat them as we never do well when the Sky cameras are filming. I’d take a draw in that game.

Thanks Daniel

My final word:
I normally like to keep my final word short and sweet. Unfortunately there are too many pointers from this game that have got people talking so check out my next entry and find out why times are frustrating for our fans, particularly given the weekend’s result.

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