Thursday, 23 January 2014

Two Minutes With... Aldershot Town

Tuesday night saw last season’s other relegated side, Aldershot, visit The Hive. Shots’ fan Rhys (@rhys9emberson) gives his thoughts in the latest instalment of Two Minutes With...
Tuesday 21st January 2014
Barnet v Aldershot Town
10th        20th
Previous game:
Chester  2-1 Barnet
Gateshead 0-0 Aldershot Town
How did you get to the game?
I got to The Hive by train and then the underground
What did you make of The Hive?
It seemed to be a bit of a weird place to place a football ground, although it was quite modernised. However, I enjoyed the away end.
If you went to Underhill, how did The Hive compare?
Underhill was a lot more traditional, with pubs close to the ground. It had more of a football ground feel. Whereas The Hive was a lot more out of the way, with a strange walk en route, in the middle of nowhere. But given such short time Barnet had to build The Hive, it could've been a lot worse.
What did you make of the game?
Some incredible goals, good forward play, and for once a strong away performance.
Who (from either side) impressed you?
Bradley Bubb – one goal and one assist. Since the last time he played for us, his forward movements have sharpened and there's a lot more composure about him; early days however as it's only his second game since re-signing.
Who (from either side) could have done better?
I'm still not sure how our first goal went in, so possibly the Barnet defence.
Was the score line a fair reflection on the game?
From what I got to see of the game it was a fair reflection.
Who do you play next and how do you think you’ll do?
Halifax at home and given our free scoring home form I'd like to think we'll win scoring a few goals along the way.
Price of match day ticket
Purchases made at the ground
Quality of football
Overall experience
Total = 31/50
Post Match
Table – Barnet 10th / Aldershot 19th
Following game
Barnet v Southport
Aldershot v FC Halifax

Thanks Rhys!
If you’ve been to The Hive this season, give me a shout and you can be your club’s voice. Additionally, if you know you’re heading down for your game, let me know - @Luuuce_x

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