Monday, 26 November 2012

Two minutes with… Oxford United

Following our first round FA Cup clash a couple of weeks ago, Oxford were the visitors again at Underhill last Tuesday. Oxford fan, Myles, gives his views in this instalment of ‘Two minutes with...’.

Had you been to Underhill before?
No. This was my first time. As it's Barnet's last season at Underhill I was keen to make the visit, despite the horrible weather! It's my closest game to where I now live so seemed daft to miss despite a lack of enthusiasm on my part.
How did you get to the game?
A quick drive down the M1 from Luton.

The match
Whereabouts in the ground did you sit/stand?
At the back of the East Terrace, about mid-way down the side.
What did you make of the game?
Well, it wasn't exactly a classic! That said, despite this clearly being two poor teams, both were trying to play a bit of decent football – to greater or lesser effect, and not helped by the constant rain. On the Barnet side, Clovis Kamdjo is clearly a limited player, but his desire and determination meant that he largely ran the midfield, constantly looking for the ball and trying to create something. This was in marked contrast to Oxford's Peter Leven who has the talent to be one of the best midfielders in this league but went missing in this game. In fact, it was Leven standing off and failing to make a challenge which was the start of the build up to Barnet's second goal.
The referee had a generally quiet game and seemed to be cutting the players a little slack to account for the greasy conditions. He did produce one complete howler though when giving a free-kick for a back-pass to the Barnet keeper which actually came from a mishit clearance 25 yards out which looped skywards and backwards into the six-yard box.
Who (from either side) do you think deserved to be man of the match?
As above, Clovis Kamdjo would be my man of the match.

Was the score line a fair reflection on the game?
Yes, a 2-2 draw was about fair. If anything, Barnet probably just about deserved to take the three points, as they had the better efforts to snatch a winner. To be honest, I wouldn't have been unhappy as usual at such a defeat as it would almost certainly have seen Chris Wilder getting the sack. I'm fairly sure that he is now a dead man walking and, unless we go on a run of wins, the next defeat is likely to see a change.
Who do you play next, and how do you think you’ll get on?
We have Northampton at home next. With Jonny Mullins being recalled from his loan by Rotherham, I'm concerned that our back line won't be able to deal with Akinfenwa who can be a bit of a human battering ram. Being at home, I hope we can get a draw but I wouldn't be too surprised to see us lose this one.

Cost of match day ticket
£16 for a terrace is about the going rate these days. ––– 7/10
Purchases made at ground
Again, the programme was around average for the league, but maybe a touch advert heavy. I always love spotting the classic, local companies linking their product to the club however odd it may appear – official Barnet FC coffin anyone?! ––– 7/10
Not a bad view from the back of what was a fairly shallow terrace. You know you're at a traditional old ground though when the view is partly obscured by large pillars! ––– 7/10
Quality of football
Two teams appearing low on confidence and, to a lesser extent, skill and not helped by the weather conditions. Not a classic, but it could have been a lot worse. ––– 5/10
Overall experience
As ever, the low point of a trip to football is the football itself! My lack of enthusiasm for the game wasn't misplaced, but the gallows humour on the terrace made it more bearable. ––– 6/10
Total ––– 32/50
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