Sunday, 6 November 2011

Two minutes with… Burton Albion

It took me a while to find one (over a week in fact), but ‘Two minutes with…’ this time round comes from the point of view of Burton Albion fan, Adam Drew (@adamBAFCdrew, on Twitter). Another day for us to forget in terms of the scoreline, but a thriller nonetheless at Underhill. Thanks to Adam for his contribution.
Barnet 3–6 Burton Albion
(McLeod ’39, Holmes ’55, Deering ’88 – Kee ’7 ’31 ’62, Yussuf ’74, Dyer ’84, Zola ’90+4)
Attendance 1,745 (away 209)
How did you get to the game?
I went on the coach, leaving from a pub called The Beacon.
What did you do pre-match?
I went to the Queens Arms for a few pre-match beers and a meal. Lovely pub – and the meals for were two for the price of one!
Where did you sit/stand in the ground?
I stood in the away end, next to the fence where Barnet’s fans stood. The bantrer exchanged between the fans was very good. It started off with Barnet’s fans singing about their 4-1 win over us last season, and continued to the songs until they equalised at 2-2. However, they were a lot quieter when we slammed in three goals to go 5-2 up.
What did you make of the game?
It was a fantastic game to watch – a goal-fest and great for the neutral. It was a tale of two awful defences, and could have ended up about 8-8.
Was the scoreline a fair reflection?
Yeah, I thought it was fair on the day. But if Barnet sort out their defensive troubles, they will climb the table as they are brilliant going forward.
Who, in your opinion was man of the match?
Our hat trick hero Billy Kee. He scored three fantastic goals that the keeper had no chance of stopping and worked extremely hard all game.
Who have you got next, and how do you think you’ll get on?
We have got Oldham Athletic in the first round of the FA Cup. Since the Barnet match, we’ve played Aldershot away and Macclesfield at home in the League. The FA Cup is famous for its upsets after all, anything can happen.

Thanks Adam

My final word:
Not much to say at all was there. It seems that every week our defence look like they’ve never met, and in truth, are as bad if not worse than last season. You don’t play a match, scoring three goals and expect to lose – but for every goal we seem to net, we concede countless more. It’s really frustrating as we are so good going forward, and most teams in the League would probably love to have Izale playing upfront for them. Luckily since the Burton game we’ve got two defenders in on loan, so hopefully they’ll make a difference!

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